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Jon Fuller is on a mission to be a true example of Christ in his life and in his work. He introduces you to men and women of faith who have walked different paths to find a true Christianity that they live out each and every day. Some paths have been bumpy and filled with debris, but through it all, grace and faith have been a sustaining force in the lives of these men. You won't find any fake and phoney Christianity here.....just real people with a heart for God and living out His call on their lives. Join us for new episodes each week. We'd love it if you'd share the show with other men of faith who need support and encouragement along their journey.
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Are You Real | Finding Your Purpose | Discover Your Talents | Christianity | Christian | Believer | Faith | Christ Follower


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Mar 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered how Christians cope in the fast world and bright lights of Hollywood? To find out, listen in to today's show with Cameron Arnett, who has acted in many well-known TV shows, like ABC's China Beach and Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns. On today's show, Cameron relates how, while climbing the ladder to success in film and TV in California he realized that the Lord wanted him to get out of the system. He dropped everything over the course of the next fourteen or fifteen years, got out of Hollywood and the business, started two churches and then went bankrupt. Later, about four or five years ago, he started to resume his career in Atlanta, where film and Christian media was exploding at the time. He has now done eight or nine films on the Christian side and is scheduled to do a whole lot more. Listen in and find out how the Lord has set about replenishing and restoring things in Cameron's life, above and beyond all that he could ask for.


Cameron Arnett is the CEO of Camy Arnett Production Studios (CAPS), a television, film, and entertainment company. He's also CEO of BYOBB Media/Records, an independent film and television portal and record label, as well as being the producer and director of a number of upcoming shows. He has many past films to his credit, including the five Dove Award winning Stand Your Ground. His past television credits include NBC's Miami Vice, Fox's Star Trek- The Next Generation and many more. He is a regular host on WATC TV57 Atlanta Live Show and, most importantly, the co-host of the nationally syndicated The Christian View. 


Listen to the episode, as Cameron also discusses:


  • What's going on right now, in Atlanta
  • How he got into acting.
  • How God started working his way into Cameron's life, when he started acting.
  • How he had to change himself within the movie industry, which is one of falsities and game playing.
  • How he started out 'hitting people over the head with bibles', till he learned better, to let God do the work through him.
  • That, as Christians, we are all supposed to be acting like one character- Jesus.
  • That he works as an apostle, prophet and teacher.
  • That due to the lack respect for doctrines and principals in families today, we have children raising children.
  • The dark years he had to endure, losing his children as well as everything else... and how God restores things.
  • How the difficulties in life are there to build a muscle in you that you have to have for your future.
  • Where his biggest strength lies, with what he does today.
  • Jon's message for Cameron, from the Lord.
  • The biggest thing that God is stirring inside of him, right now.
  • How God is moving on an undercurrent of people and churches.
  • His advice to a 'younger him'.
  • The reason that he's writing a book.


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